What if you could create the life you always wanted? What if there were a online affiliate marketing program that allowed you to connect with others who have similar interests, and provided access to educational resources?

Freedom Is Right Around the Corner...

This is the best ultimate Ambsdr review! In this post, hopefully your questions will be answered to take the next step to become apart of the online Ambsdr community.

But first, why listen to Rudy? Well, I listened to my mentor and the stated #1 ClickBank Affiliate in the world - Robby Blanchard:

Robby Blanchard introduces Chris Luck

I personally signed up for the course June 21, 2022. So, my review is personal, real, uncut, and direct for you. I have also included real feedback from real students.

I am still in the trenches of the program. I want to share with you what the program is about, how it works, and whether Ambsdr is the choice for you :).

Ambsdr Review - Contents

  1. Ambsdr Review - Overview
  2. What is Ambsdr
  3. How Does Ambsdr Work?
  4. Who is Chris Luck, the Owner of Ambsdr?
  5. Does Ambsdr Work In All Countries?
  6. Does Ambsdr Really Work?
  7. What Can You Learn From Ambsdr?
  8. What Else Do You Get With Ambsdr?
  9. Who is Ambsdr for?
  10. Ambsdr vs. Other Courses
  11. How to Join Ambsdr?
  12. Ambsdr Price, Costs and Guarantees
  13. Ambsdr Review - Pros
  14. Ambsdr Review - Cons
  15. Is Ambsdr a Scam?
  16. Is Ambsdr Legit?
  17. Is Ambsdr Worth It?
  18. Ambsdr Testimonials from Verified Ambsdr Students 
  19. What Others Are Saying About It
  20. Ambsdr Review - Conclusion
Chris Luck Ambsdr

Ambsdr Review - Overview

  • Product: Ambsdr.com
  • Type: Affiliate Marketing Course
  • Owner: Chris Luck
  • Price: $1,997 one time or $797 three times
  • Money Back Guarantee: Yes
  • Rudy Recommended?: Yes, especially for beginners

Overview: Ambsdr is a simple, beginner-friendly system that teaches you affiliate marketing, and how to promote products online to become a brand ambassador. Affiliate marketing is an advertising model which a company compensates third-party partners for promoting products and services and generating business.


With video classes to guide you through the step-by-step process, you’ll learn exactly what the biggest brands on the planet need right now and how you can help them.

With this course, you can learn how to be a brand ambassador. They teach you how to build, amplify and multiply your business to reach your personal income goals.


Is this Course for You?

Ambsdr - PROs

Ambsdr is an all-inclusive course based on build, amplify and multiply methods. Ambsdr is the only platform in the world that helps you create the life you’ve always wanted as a Brand Ambassador through community connections and collaborative education.

You get access to all of the following:

  • Ambsdr Certification - Easy Beginner Friendly System
  • Ambsdr Coaching - LIVE Group Zoom Parties 3 Days a week
  • Ambsdr Community - Connect with Other Ambassadors Globally
  • Ambsdr Concierge - Get 1 on 1 Help with anything you need
  • Ambsdr Quickstart - How to Make a Fortune Working at Home
  • Ambdsr Cheatsheets - Save more time and make more money
  • Ambdsr Templates - Done for You Design Kits To Look Like a Pro
  • Ambdsr Checklists - Always know exactly what to do and when
  • Ambdsr Accelerator - Copy 4,800 proven passive income products
  • Ambdsr Partnership - Earn $1,000 for every person you refer
  • Ambdsr Guarantee - Try it out for a full 365 days 100% risk free
  • and more... the course is continuously growing with more content

Other intangible Pros you receive after joining Ambsdr Include:

  • A sense of belonging
  • A sense of a greater satisfaction of life
  • Everlasting faith in yourself
  • Freedom from responsibility
  • Clear vision of your future
  • Thirst of new adventure
  • Limitless Income Opportunities
  • A new Purpose, Future and Identity
  • Access to affluent and exclusive circles
  • Prosperous friends that care about you
  • Immunization from global economic changes (Remember 2020?)
Chris Luck Ambsdr

Another pro of the course is the owner. Chris Luck is an expert in his field having several successful seven-figure online businesses. That said, you can trust his expertise.

Free Marketing vs Paid Marketing - Chris Luck teaches you how to use free marketing to be successful online, where as most affiliate marketing programs focused on paid advertisement to be successful. This is a true benefit if you want to start your online journey, but financially don't have money for ads.

On top of all that, you are a lifetime member once you join! No upsells or additional courses needed for this program. Once you are in the family, the ongoing trainings and course improvements will be available to you free of charge.


Chris Luck is one mastermind creating and sharing this course with the world! Because of this, you may be ready for more, but have to wait until the next course advancement is released. But there is plenty to do in the mean time! The Certification is a blueprint to help you understand how to make money online. It is up to you to create your own personal vision, and use the community to elevate you to your goal.

Scam or Legit?

The bottom line is that AMBSDR is a legit affiliate marketing training. It's one of the best courses to show you step by step to make money online - created by a certified expert. This is not for everyone. Do not get this program with the idea of generating overnight income. This is a long-term play - walking you through each step of creating your business.

What is AMBSDR?

AMBSDR is an affiliate marketing training course. You can learn how to promote brands you love and talk about.

Chris promises, if you stick with the system and the formula, you can make as little or as much as you want! You don't have to have any marketing skills or knowledge whatsoever.

Is this course for you? Do you have the Luck to make it with Chris Luck's system? Keep reading my AMBSDR review to find out.

How Does Ambsdr Work?

Chris teaches how to become a brand ambassador - promoting products you talk about and love on the internet.


The affiliate marketing business model is a lucrative way to make money online.

Affiliate marketing is finding the right offer, a sales funnel and traffic. This program consists of educating you on how to Build, Amplify and Multiply.

The program works, but it requires patience, resources and skills - that is provided in the training.

Who is Chris Luck?

Chris Luck - Creator of Ambsdr

Chris Luck is the creator and owner of Ambsdr. He helps people build businesses that produce predictable passive income. Chris Luck has been a entrepreneur and marketer since 1999. He has generated over $25 million dollars with online marketing programs since 2007. He educates and empowers thousands of entrepreneurs on how to build and grow their online business.

Does AMBSDR Work in All Countries?

AMBSDR works despite where in the world you are located, according to owner Chris Luck. Since the program runs through Clickbank, Clickbank is illegal in some countries. I would confirm if your country offers Clickbank before actually joining this training program.

Does Ambsdr Really Work?

If you want to learn how to promote brands online this is a good option to learn from. There are seven money making methods in a brand ambassador business that this course covers:

  • The Sponsorship Method - Get Paid to Have Sponsors on your Blog!
  • The Giveaway Method - Get Paid to Giveaway Products People Won't!
  • The Comment Method - Get Paid to Post Comments on Social Media!
  • The Review Method - Get Paid to Review any Product you Want!
  • The Email Method - Get Paid to Send an Email a Day!
  • The Membership Method - Get Paid to Have Members only content!
  • The Blogging Method - Get Paid to Talk About Brands on the Internet!

With all of these possible methods, I believe that you could make some money with this course. Again, it takes time, work and patience to understand to get it right and turn a profit. The point is, Ambsdr is a legitimate program that has potential to work for you if you apply the methods provided.

What Can You Learn from the Ambsdr Course?

Chris will teach you how to promote products and make money online promoting other people's products.

The first part of your online learning journey within the Ambsdr program is the six week certification program. You are given a road map to success:


Week 1 - Plan - We will build your business plan, so you can have a proven path to passive income!

  • How to select your industry, so you can guarantee your success!
  • How to find people making millions, so you can study what works!
  • How to position your presence, so you can get instant authority!
  • How to design your roadmap, so you can effortlessly reach your goal!
  • How to build your digital workspace, so you can stay organized!

Week 2 - Research - We will research your industry so you can know what products to talk about!

  • How to reverse engineer your competition, so you can get instant results!
  • How to use spy tools, so you can see what people are searching for!
  • How to tap into trends, so you can get paid to talk about the hot new thing!
  • How to convert conversations into cash, so you can get paid to talk to people!
  • How to find the secret best seller lists, so you can effortlessly make more money!

Week 3 - Build - We will build your business so you can produce unlimited streams of passive income!

  • How to properly plan your blog, so you can have instant credibility!
  • How to secure a top domain, so you can become memorable!
  • How to setup your blog, so you can have unlimited streams of income!
  • How to customize your blog, so you can look like a pro from the get go!
  • How to create your social plan, so you can be easy to find online!

Week 4 - Write - We will write your articles so you can start getting paid right away!

  • How to build your article database, so you can produce predictable passive income!
  • How to write the perfect article, so you can have the power to print cash on demand!
  • How to use artificial intelligence, so you can instantly write articles that rank in Google!
  • How to borrow professional photos, so you don't have to buy anything you talk about!
  • How to setup your share links, so you can get paid to talk about anything you want!

Week 5 - Promote - We will promote your articles so you can start making more money in less time!

  • How to promote with Questions, so you can get paid to help people!
  • How to promote with Mentions, so you can get paid to talk to people!
  • How to promote with Hashtags, so you can get paid to connect with people!
  • How to promote with Pins, so you can get paid to share articles with people!
  • How to promote with Notifications, so you can get paid to notify people!

Week 6 - Automate - We will automate your business so you can start living the life you always wanted!

  • How to automate anything, so you can spend time doing the things you love!

Bonus - Receive Notes and Checklists from Certification as a Roadmap

After finishing the certification steps, your business will be set up. Then the fun begins! Consistency of your content is the key! Chris promises additional trainings and future certifications that will help the end result of more money in your pocket! Chris Luck could be a valuable asset on your way to success with affiliate marketing.

Who is Ambsdr For?

Ambsdr is for people who are interested in learning how to start with affiliate marketing.

It is for anyone that wants to change there situation, and invest the time to get there to create their own online business.

Unlike other programs, this program sets you up to work on free traffic.

It is for people who are action takers, and hard workers!

This is a comprehensive course on building a stream of passive income through affiliate marketing. It is a process that takes a lot of time and effort.

If you are afraid of work, this program may not be for you.

Ambsdr vs. Other Courses

There are a lot of options and price points in affiliate marketing courses. The difference with Ambsdr vs. other online programs

  • Platform teaches FREE marketing strategies vs PAID advertising
  • One time fee - Guaranteed lifetime membership of all upgrades and courses with any additional upsells, allowing you to propel your career at your pace
  • Chris' teaching style is more educational than salesy/marketing. The videos in the certification are unedited, as he walks you through each step of the process.
  • When you join, you become apart of the Ambsdr family. Students succeed by working at there own pace, and have there Ambsdr community to answer questions to assist along the way.

How to Join Ambsdr?

You can click the link below to get started and subscribe to this course.

Once you click the link, you will be led to a free training session that will give you more information about the program, and make a decision on the course. After the training session, you will be given an opportunity to check out, and get started as an Ambsdr!

Ambsdr Price, Costs & Guarantees

To start learning from Chris Luck's course, the cost is $1,997 one time.

There is another payment option.

You can split it into three separate payments of $797, which turns out to be $394 more in the end.

It is worth the investment, if you want to put the work to learn the long-term play.

Ambsdr Extra Costs

In addition, you may have to spend little to no additional money once you start with the program. He provides several free resources that will encourage your growth exponentially. Some of the paid resources that are encouraged include:

Ambsdr Money-Back Guarantee

$1,997 is not cheap. You get what you pay for in everything! Chris offers a 100% money back guarantee after 365 days if you do not see results, and will refund your investment! So if you make the decision to invest in yourself, you can not lose.

Chris Luck, his team, the Ambsdr family and community will do everything in their power to make sure you are happy. If you are not happy, Chris gives you the option to connect with his support team to discuss.

Ambsdr Review - Pros

Affiliate Marketing Model That Works

The affiliate marketing model that you can learn with Ambsdr is a legit way to make money online.

Chris has been successful online for years. He gives you a step by step, video to help you build your online empire. He has helped hundreds of thousands of entrepreneurs with his experience.

Ambsdr Review - Cons

Affiliate Marketing Is Not Easy as Presented

Once again, the online cases make it appear that affiliate marketing is easy, and you will have success overnight.

With any business or online platform, affiliate marketing takes time to generate results.

Arm yourself with a lot of patience, time, and work.

Is Ambsdr a Scam?

Amsdr is not a scam in my review. If you join Chris' program, you are going to get a comprehensive education from one of the best marketers in the industry. Chris educates you on free traffic methods inside the course curriculum.

Ambsdr Testimonials from Verified Students

Not ready to make the investment just yet? Don't take my word for it! Read my review I posted in the internal testimonial page about a month ago; and a few reviews from current Ambsdr students to learn more about there experience with the Ambsdr platform.

Adriane Mayes' (Rudy) Review:


“What up Doe?”(Hello) fellow ambassadors - standard greeting from Detroit, MI. This program/training opportunity is going to open the door not only for me, but OUR community….if we are willing to put the work in. Let’s get out of our own way, thank God we said yes to even try this, and LISTEN to our leader who is already doing it (Chris Luck) and make things happen one day at a time! Thank you Chris..

Karie Wynd's Review:

I want to 1st tell you who Chris is

I want to 1st tell you who Chris is! He's a proud father and coaches his girls' softball (just like my dad and the BEST MEMORIES EVER) he's an amazing husband, extremely genuine, caring, and a major giver of his time!! He is THE BEST MENTOR I HAVE EVER HAD!!!! He's built a community that is family and it's the BEST community I have ever been a part of!! He's EXTREMELY TRANSPARENT from inch to inch he shows you how to be an AMAZING BRAND AMBASSADOR!! You literally do it at the exact same time he does so you can have him up on one screen and yours on the other and he gives you EVERYTHING all the tricks, sites he uses, and so on, and so on!!!! You will literally see everything, and I've taken other courses, and NOBODY does this EVER!!!! As if that's not enough he does Zoom Parties every Monday and he will stay on for 3 hours and literally answers EVERYONE'S QUESTIONS which usually consists of 80 questions trust me when I tell you that NOBODY does this! In one course I bought with another company you got 1 hour to ask questions, but Chris doesn't do that!!!! He has a deep passion for wanting each of us to succeed!!!! Now he has built an amazing platform where you can ask questions and they will be answered!! It's like a Facebook group but it's not Facebook it's a platform he built and when I say it's AMAZING THAT'S UNDERSTATEMENT!!!! You will not go wrong with Chris, and you will see how he cares, how genuine he is, and how he's helping us succeed!!!!

Chris thank you for building this AMAZING FAMILY!!!!

Charles Sisk's Review:

Life-changer! A true giver!

Unfortunately, I'm still paying off other "shiny objects" with which I was fooled into believing they would work for me from the get-go, and they may truly work for others, but for my case, they are not worth my time and definitely not worth my money.

From the moment I watched Chris Luck's video being advertised by another program, I knew AMBSDR/HE was different. Chris Luck's integrity has shown through each and every training/Zoom party/update he has made to AMBSDR. He is truly an ambassador for the people and true to the core.

I will not go into my current situation but, Chris Luck, AMBSDR has truly given me hope for the future and has begun to be a life-changer. I actually see clarity with each and every detailed step I take inside this program, whereas, with the other shiny objects that I have been fooled by, I only see confusion.

Chris Luck, I can see AMBSDR being your legacy and see it touching the lives of so many future individuals. You are a true giver rather than a taker. Thank you for letting me be a part of and an ambassador for AMBSDR.

TONIA's Review:

This course blows others out the Water!!

I did not know what to expect. They show you and tell you all sorts of things on the webinar. But, Boy oh Boy does Chris ever deliver on what was told and so much more. You will not be disappointed!! Thank you so much for creating this massive and wonderful learning experience. He just keeps giving and giving.

Gary Dowthwaite's Review:

Over the years I have spent a small fortune on Ecommerce/Affiliate Marketing courses. Got sucked in by the fancy promos, next, paid for the course, and then, after getting into the "secret area" found out that to make this course work I need to spend more. The only people making money with these courses are the promoters. If you don't pay the extra money the only time you hear from them is when they have another promo that promises the same.

Then I found Chris! What a breath of fresh air. Honest and hardworking, he restores my faith in Internet courses. A great teacher and mentor. His AMBSDR course will make dreams come true. Naturally, you must be prepared to work and this may require learning new skills but Chris walks you through every step clearly and precisely and the videos are always available for revision at any stage.

A real community has been built around this course with students helping each other with any queries and if the community can't help Chris is always available if necessary. He is constantly building and improving the course at no extra cost and has big plans for all of us. I could not ask for a better tutor. a more honest man and now a great friend.

Many thanks, Chris.

Erynn Fenton's Ambsdr Review:

The Answer I have Been Looking For

I truly feel that AMBSDR is the opportunity that I have been looking for. Going through the Certification modules has been great. Chris shows and explains every step in detail and is easy to understand. I genuinely feel that I can follow along and complete these steps with no problems.

The addition of Accelerator is just amazing and I cannot wait to implement the steps needed to use this tool. I am grateful for Chris and those helping him to research all of the categories and keywords within them to put together this database for members to use. Seriously. Thank you Chris and team!!

I am VERY excited for the Partnership program. Having another way for members to bring in some extra income by sharing the AMBSDR opportunity is just down right fabulous. Just attended the launch party and my MIND IS BLOWN!! All that is planned just for this part in AMBSDR is crazy.

And per Chris there is still many more things to come that will make AMBSDR an all around robust opportunity for many people.

I am so so so glad I found it.

Tim Barber's Ambsdr Review:

The best course I have purchased in 10 years

I feel so fortunate to have found this program/site/course with Chris who by the way is the best teacher/coach I have seen in a long time. Absolutely love his style of teaching as I think it sticks really well.

Chris truly does rock as I have seen a lot of people mention. This guy is 100% for real and in today's world that is an amazing feat in of it's self.


Is Ambsdr Worth It?

Ambsdr is a good way for a person with no prior internet or marketing skills to create an online business. Ambsdr can be the circle loader for you and your business. Take action and know something massive is going to launch you to your next steps!

Follow the self-guided information taught, Chris will help you succeed to become brand ambassadors.

The choice is up to you to decide if it is worth it to you.

Ambsdr Review - Conclusion

Overall, Ambsdr is a legitimate course for marketers who are looking to make money with affiliate marketing. Yes, affiliate marketing is a new world for most people. Chris systematically provides a platform that you can easily learn everything about affiliate marketing. It's a great choice for beginners with zero knowledge and a low budget. One of the best ways to attract leads and get sales is through SEO and blogging. It's a long road, but it's a free and long-term investment that pays over and over again.

Ambsdr Alternatives

At the end of this review, let me give you a few alternatives to consider.

Home Business Academy

Home Business Academy (HBA) - HBA is an online community and coaching platform that is a venue to start affiliate marketing. You can start for ($25/month) and shows how to generate FREE and PAID traffic from social media and search engines. Some additional costs may incur for an enhanced experience. e i

Commission Hero - Commission Hero teaches you about online marketing and how to use affiliate marketing and Facebook Ads. It costs $997 one time, but you need an extra budget for tools and resources.

These two programs are lighter in price, but will assist you in your affiliate marketing journey. Enough reading, it is now time to take action!

Click the link below to start your journey with the Ambsdr Family!

Thank you for reading my Ambsdr review!

For more resources, visit our resources page.

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