Looking for a backpack cooler that will keep your food and drinks cold on long trips?

Check out our list of the 5 best backpack coolers, reviewed and rated!  Whether you're looking for a small cooler to take with you on short hikes, or a large cooler to use on longer trips, we've got you covered.

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How Rudy Chooses the Best Backpack Cooler

It can be tough to find the perfect backpack cooler that fits your needs. You want one that is big enough to hold all of your food and drinks, but you don’t want it to be too heavy or bulky.

And on top of that, you need one that is well insulated so your food and drinks stay cold for hours.

After reading thousands of reviews, I’ve found the best backpack cooler for you. Read on to see the backpack coolers Rudy has rated for you.

Best Leakproof Backpack Cooler

TOURIT Cooler Backpack

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Why Rudy Loves It

Looking for a stylish, functional cooler backpack for your next hike or picnic? TOURIT has you covered! Our insulated backpack will keep your snacks and drinks cool for 16 hours, while the ventilated back panel helps prevent your clothes from getting wet. The high-density, tear-resistant fabric is durable and comfortable, and the padded, adjustable straps make it easy to carry. Plus, the inner insulation and leak-proof liner work together to make sure everything stays icy drinks cold. So whether you're headed out on a hot summer day or enjoying a winter hike, TOURIT's got you covered!

What Rudy Wants You to Know from Verified Amazon Purchasers

Best Leakproof Backpack Cooler is the top of the line when it comes to keeping your food and drinks cold and fresh. It has a large main compartment that can easily accommodate all of your sandwiches, beers, juices and other snacks. Additionally, there are two front pockets which are perfect for holding your chips, travel wallet or other small items. Best Leakproof Backpack Cooler also comes equipped with two bottle holders and a mesh pocket on the strap, making it easy to keep your water or umbrella close at hand. Plus, the strap on the front is perfect for carrying your picnic pad. Best of all, the backpack features a built-in beer opener, so you can enjoy a cold one anytime, anywhere.

Best Insulated Backpack Cooler

Everlasting Comfort Insulated Cooler Backpack

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Why Rudy Loves It

Our cooler backpack is full of features, extras, and benefits you'll love. The main compartment is lined with waterproof zipper and leakproof PEVA material surrounded by insulated foam. This ensures your cold drinks stay cold, and your hot foods stay hot. It's capable of holding up to 4 pounds of ice and 45 cans. This deems possible for ice retention. Dual side pockets are designed to each hold two bottles of wine. Above those, you'll find built-in bottle covers (a feature only found on our insulated backpack cooler).

What Rudy Wants You to Know from Verified Amazon Purchasers

The Best Insulated Backpack Cooler can help you keep your food and drinks cold for a long time. It is made with a waterproof material that will keep your food and drinks cold and dry. The Best Insulated Backpack Cooler also has a lot of compartments that you can use to store your food and drinks. This cooler pack can hold up to 24 hours of cooling for your drinks and food.

Best Lightweight Backpack Cooler

Coleman Soft Cooler Bag

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Why Rudy Loves It

Looking for an easy way to take your food and drinks on the go? Check out the Coleman Soft Cooler Bag! This portable cooler is perfect for picnics, tailgates, and days at the beach. It features an adjustable sling strap and padded side handles for easy transport, as well as a zippered front pocket and inside mesh pockets for storing reusable ice packs and other extras.

You don't want to arrive and your ice melts. The exterior fabric is made from recycled polyester fibers, and the TempLock closed cell foam insulation helps keep food and drinks cold for 12 hours or more. Plus, the welded seams prevent leaks, and the removable liner is antimicrobial and stain-resistant. So whether you're headed to a BBQ or packing a lunch for work, the Coleman Soft Cool

What Rudy Wants You to Know from Verified Amazon Purchasers

Best Lightweight Backpack Cooler - If you are looking for a backpack cooler that is both lightweight and easy to carry, then this is the one for you. It is perfect for carrying snacks or lunch to work or on a hike, and the added pockets are great for packing small items. The zipper also makes it easy to access your food and drinks.

Best Soft Sided Backpack Cooler

YETI Hopper Soft Sided Backpack Cooler

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Why Rudy Loves It

Looking for a backpack cooler that can keep your drinks cold and hands free? Look no further than the YETI Hopper M20. This easy-to-use cooler can hold up to 18 cans of your favorite beverage, or 26 pounds of ice, making it perfect for your next outdoor adventure. The magnetic closure and wide mouth opening make it easy to access your drinks, while the HitchPoint Grid allows you to attach accessories like the Rambler Bottle Sling or Sidekick Dry Gear Case. Plus, the top folds over and clips with two buckles for secure transport. So whether you’re headed to the beach or the hiking trails, the YETI Hopper M20 is the perfect way to keep your drinks

What Rudy Wants You to Know from Verified Amazon Purchasers

Best Soft Sided Backpack Cooler is known for its ergonomic, innovative, durable and insulated design. ColdCell Insulation uses closed-cell foam technology to lock the cold in and keep your refreshments fresh. The yeti's straps are minimalistic yet strong and comfortable when you have the pack on, even when it is full. It comes with a removable abdomen strap which is great since I haven't found a need for it yet, but will be glad I have it when I need it. It has a nice strong handle on top that makes it easy to move around once you take it off. The rtic on the other hand has straps EVERYWHERE except for on top! Not only are they really long and abundant but you cant even remove the abdomen strap which have a side profile so you're forced to use it. Then when you do use the strap it doesn't even go around your waist but digs into your sides uncomfortably. Best Soft Sided Backpack Cooler is definitely the way to go if you're looking for an efficient, comfortable and well-designed backpack cooler.

Best Premium Cooler Backpack

SEEHONOR Insulated Cooler Backpack

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Why Rudy Loves It

If you're looking to keep your drinks and snacks cooler cold for hours on end, without worrying about leaks or spills, then the SEEHONOR Insulated Cooler Backpack is the perfect choice for you. Made of premium thicken PEVA hot-pressed material, this cooler backpack features inner thicken foam insulation and a heat-sealed leak proof lining to keep your food and drinks at the perfect temperature. With a large capacity of 45 cans/30L, this cooler backpack is perfect for picnics, days at the beach, or any other outdoor activity. Additionally, the backpack features 2 zipper pockets, 2 side bottle holders, 1 insulated zipper pocket on the lid, and 1 mesh pocket - providing plenty of storage for all.

What Rudy Wants You to Know from Verified Amazon Purchasers

Best Lightweight Cooler Backpack is made from high quality, durable materials that will withstand the rigors of daily use. The backpack features a thicker padded back with an ergonomic design for greater comfort and breathability. Additionally, the shoulder straps are adjustable and padded for additional comfort. The backpack also features a breathable mesh panel that allows air to circulate, preventing you from overheating. When not in use, the Best Lightweight Cooler Backpack can be easily stored away. The backpack is also easy to wipe clean after use. Most backpack coolers retain ice and tend to be heavy. This backpack weighs only 1.74 lb, making it one of the lightest coolers on the market.

Best Backpack Cooler FAQs

Trying to find the best backpack cooler for your needs can be a challenge. There are so many different brands and models to choose from!

It can be tough trying to figure out which backpack cooler is right for you. With all of the different brands and models on the market, it can be hard to know which one will work best for your needs.

We've done the research for you! The best backpack cooler is one that is versatile enough to handle all of your needs, whether you're going on a day hike or spending a weekend at the beach. Our top pick is the Igloo Sportsman Backpack Cooler, which comes with plenty of storage space and an ice pack that will keep your food and drinks cold for hours.

What backpack cooler keeps ice the longest?

There are a few factors to consider when choosing a backpack cooler that will keep ice the longest. The most important factor is the insulation quality of the backpack cooler. Higher-quality insulation will keep ice frozen for longer periods of time.

Another important factor is how well the backpack cooler is sealed. A tight seal will help to prevent cold air from escaping and warm air from entering, which will keep the ice frozen for longer.

Finally, it's important to choose a backpack cooler that is appropriately sized for your needs. A larger backpack cooler will hold more ice, which means it will stay cold for longer periods of time.

Can you put ice in an insulated backpack cooler?

The simple answer is yes, you can put ice in an insulated backpack cooler. However, there are a few things to keep in mind when doing so. First, make sure that the cooler is big enough to accommodate the amount of ice you want to put in it. Second, use block ice rather than cubed ice, as it will last longer and keep your food colder. Finally, be sure to pack the ice around the outside of the cooler, as this will help keep it cold for longer periods of time.

Can you use a backpack as a cooler?

Yes, you can use a backpack as a cooler. You'll need to pack it with insulation and line it with a plastic bag or two to keep the contents cold. Freeze any bottles or food items you plan to take with you, and pack them around the frozen items. You can also use frozen gel packs or dry ice to keep things cold.

What brand is comparable to YETI?

There are a few brands that are comparable to YETI. Some of these include RTIC and Ozark Trail. Both of these brands offer a similar product to YETI, at a fraction of the price. If you are looking for a high-quality cooler that will keep your food and drinks cold for days, then either of these brands would be a great option.

Why are Yeti coolers so expensive?

There are a few reasons. To start, Yeti coolers are made with high-quality materials and construction techniques that make them far more durable than other coolers on the market. They're also built to perform better in extreme weather conditions, which is why they're so popular among outdoors enthusiasts. Finally, the company has built up a strong brand image and loyal following over the years, which allows it to charge a premium for its products.

How long should a backpack cooler keep things cold?

Assuming you're using a backpack cooler with frozen ice packs, your food and drinks should stay cold for upwards of 6 hours. However, if you're packing perishable items like dairy or deli meats, you'll want to consume them within 4 hours. If you're unsure whether your backpack cooler is keeping things cold enough, plug a food thermometer into one of the items in your pack - it should read 40°F or below.

What is a backpack cooler with a bottle opener?

A backpack cooler with a bottle opener is a handy tool for keeping your drinks cold while on the go. It features a built-in bottle opener so you can easily open your favorite beverage, and its insulated design helps keep your drinks cool for hours. This type of cooler is perfect for taking on hikes, to the beach, or anywhere else where you might need to keep your drinks icy cold.

Does backpack coolers have padded shoulder straps for comfort?

Yes, backpack coolers typically have padded shoulder straps for comfort. This is important so that the weight of the cooler is distributed evenly across the user's shoulders rather than putting all the weight on one point. Additionally, many backpack coolers also come with waist straps to help keep the cooler in place while you're walking.

Do backpack cooler compartment sections help?

There are a few benefits to having backpack cooler compartment sections. For one, it can help to keep your food and drinks cold while you're on the go. It can also help to organize your belongings and make it easier to find what you need. Additionally, it can help to distribute the weight of the backpack evenly, making it more comfortable to wear.

When should I consider a backpack cooler?

A backpack cooler is perfect for short day trips and hikes, when you want to take along a few cold items or need to keep perishables chilled. They're also great for bringing food and drinks to the beach or park, especially if you plan to stay for a while and don't want to have to leave your stuff behind every time you want something cold or refreshing.

Most backpack coolers are designed with insulation and drainage features that help keep items cold or fresh, and many come with straps that make it easy to carry them on your back like a backpack. 

Best Backpack Cooler Rudy Has Chosen For You

The best backpack cooler for you will likely be different than the best one for me, and that’s okay! We hope our research helps you find the perfect one for your needs. If you decide to purchase a backpack cooler from Amazon, please use the link we’ve provided. Happy Shopping!

Thanks for reading!

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