Ever lost your luggage? It's not a fun experience. A luggage tag is a perfect way to help prevent that from happening. Not only does it identify your luggage, but it also has space to put your contact information in case it is ever lost.

But how do you attach a luggage tag to your luggage? That's where we come in. We're going to show you three different ways to attach a luggage tag to your bag - using either a strap, a loop, or a clip.

Follow the instructions in this article and never lose your luggage again!

Why Rudy Discusses It

It is easy for your luggage to get lost in transit, especially if you do not have a luggage tag.

Without a luggage tag, it can be difficult to track down your luggage if it gets misplaced. In most cases, the airline will not be able to find your bag without proper identification.

Check out the steps below on how to properly attach a luggage tag.

Luggage Tag

Step 1: Choose a Luggage Tag That Suits Your Needs

The first step is to purchase a luggage tag. You can find these at most travel stores or online. Make sure to get a durable one that will be able to withstand being attached to your luggage and dragged around by airport staff. If you will be traveling frequently, you may want to choose a durable tag that can withstand a lot of wear and tear. If you are only traveling occasionally, you may want to choose a less expensive tag that will still get the job done.

Step 2: Attach the Tag to Your Luggage

Next, you will need to choose how you want to attach the tag to your luggage. The safest way to do this is with a strap or loop that goes around the handle of your suitcase. You can also use string or ribbon, but these are not as secure and could come detached more easily. Once you have chosen how you will attach the tag, do so securely so that it cannot fall off easily.

Step 3: Fill out the Information on the Tag

Once you have your tag, put your contact information on it. This should include your name, address, and phone number. You may also want to put an alternate form of contact information, such as an email address or social media handle.

Step 4: Review Tag Information

Double-check that all of the information on the tag is correct. Once you have filled out the information on the tag, double-check it to make sure that everything is correct. This will help to ensure that your luggage can be returned to you if it is lost or stolen.

And that's it! You are now ready to travel with your newly tagged luggage in tow. Remember to check the tag periodically to make sure that all of your information is still legible and up-to-date.

How to Attach a Luggage Tag FAQs

How do you put a tag on the luggage tag?

Most luggage tags have a small loop or hole that you can use to attach the tag to your bag with a piece of ribbon, string, or wire. You can also buy special luggage straps that have a clip on one end for attaching the tag and an adjustable strap for securing the strap around your bag's handle.

How do you attach luggage tags to an airport?

You attach luggage tags to an airport by filling out the information on the tag, then folding it around one of the bag's handles. Make sure that the address and contact information is visible on the outside of the bag. Some tags also have a clear pouch in which you can place a photo ID or your passport.

How do you put a luggage tag on fabric?

You can put a luggage tag on the fabric by slipping it into one of the slits in the fabric. If there are no slits, you can use a safety pin to attach it to the fabric.

Should I put a luggage tag on my carry-on luggage?

It's not required by the TSA, but it can help identify your bag if it gets lost in transit. Most airlines recommend putting a luggage tag on your carry-on as well, just in case it gets separated from your checked luggage. You can either use the airline's plastic tag or make your own with your name, contact information, and flight details.

What luggage tag info should I make sure I include on my bag tag?

Make sure your luggage label has space to include your name, home address, and cell phone number with country code on your luggage tag. This will help ensure that your bag is returned to you quickly if it gets lost or misplaced.

What is a baggage claim carousel?

The baggage claim carousel (or luggage carousel) is a rotating device found in an airport terminal, used to return checked luggage to passengers. After passengers have retrieved their boarding passes and cleared security, they usually go to the baggage claim area to collect their luggage. There, they will see a large, rotating carousel with numbered or lettered slots that correspond with the airline counter from which they retrieved their boarding pass. They insert their ticket into the slot and retrieve their bag.

Should I use a plastic tag for my carry-on bag?

It depends on the airline. A lot of rough handling with bags makes the tags remove easily. The bag handle is the best place for it. Some airlines allow plastic tags while others do not. It's always best to check with your airline before you fly to make sure you have the correct tag.

Rudy Wrap Up

Luggage tags are an essential item for any traveler—they help to identify your luggage if it becomes lost and can also help you claim lost luggage if it is found. Attaching a luggage tag is a simple process, but there are a few things you should keep in mind to do it correctly. First, purchase a durable tag and write your contact information on it. Next, choose how you will attach the tag to your suitcase, using either a strap or loop around the handle or string/ribbon tied through one of the loops on the bag itself. And that's it—you're ready to travel!

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